Inspired by Philipp Wolf I's original silver boxes, crafted in his workshop in Hanau, Germany, Silver is an exquisite statement piece celebrating craftsmanship and elegance. Silver features a silver-plated, engine turned exterior and WOLF's 190th Anniversary crest logo. Silver offers versatility with removable trays, watch cuffs, ring slots and compartments.



Philipp Wolf I – The Silversmith


“It is logical to protect one’s possessions by storing and safeguarding them in a fine quality case.”

Philipp Wolf I was originally a jeweller and silversmith situated in Hanau, a city in the heart of the goldsmithing industry in Germany. Philipp crafted boxes to enhance the presentation of his own pieces. The success of this idea led him to focus solely on crafting exquisite boxes for his fellow artisans.


Philipp Wolf II - The Boxmaker


Philipp Wolf II, an accomplished boxmaker, moved to Sweden in 1895. In 1910 he married the love of his life, Ida Wilhelmina Peterzon. Sadly, following the tragic loss of two of their five children to Spanish flu and rickets, Philipp became inconsolable, he retreated from work and life. After suffering from profound mental health issues he passed away in 1946. 


Ida Wilhelmina Peterzon – The Traveller

1889 - 1991

When Philipp II could no longer work, Ida assumed control of the business to support her family, Philipp Wolf III, Ernst, and Anna-Lisa. She travelled across Sweden and Scandinavia, by rail and carriage, selling the factory's products from a large wooden trunk. Ida's tenacity and resolve sustained the WOLF business through a most challenging era. 


Philipp Wolf III – The Fisherman

1911 - 1993

Philipp Wolf III pioneered many innovative production techniques for WOLF, some still in use today and is renowned for inventing the iconic musical pirouetting ballerina box. Philipp's environmental foresight has shaped WOLF's commitment to global responsibility, a legacy carried through the generations. 


Philipp Wolf IV – The Aviator 

Philipp Wolf IV, born in 1936, immersed himself in the box business from a young age, assisting his father in the factory. Moving to the UK in 1960, he met and married Judie within a week. Philipp established a new factory in Llanelli, South Wales, in 1968. Philipp would fly customers from London to Wales in his Beechcraft Staggerwing D17S, following his passion for flying whilst running his business. 


Simon Philip Wolf V – The Designer

In 1985, Simon joined the family business. As the UK thrived, Simon was set the challenge to enter the USA and Canadian markets. Simon spent over 30 years establishing a successful business, returning to the UK in 2021. Inspired by Philipp III’s environmental ethos, Simon implemented many sustainability initiatives, including most recently pursuing the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark. As Creative Director and CEO, he leads a global team of over 60 people, driving WOLF towards the future with a focus on design, innovation and sustainability. 

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